• DeskCAT™ Multi-slice Optical CT Scanner
  • QUASAR Penta-Guide QA Software
  • QUASAR ADQ Software
  • Vista for 3D Dosimetry Research in Radiotherapy
  • QUASAR eQA 2.0 QA Software
  • QUASAR GRID3D Image Distortion Analysis System
  • QUASAR Respiratory Motion QA Phantom
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TG142 Machine
Quality Assurance

eQA UI Screenshot

Automated analysis to ensure LINACs are within recommended tolerances


Daily IGRT
Quality Assurance

Penta-Guide QA Phantom

Perform true spatial alignment and coincidence tests on IGRT systems

Multi-slice Optical CT 
Scanner for Education

DeskCAT Bear Phantom

Real-time Acquisition, Display and
3D Reconstruction of CT images