About Us

Founded in 2000, Modus Medical Devices Inc. develops and manufactures cost-effective and innovative quality assurance tools for advanced radiology and radiotherapy. Today, Modus products are being used in more than 65 countries at over 1,100 leading treatment centres worldwide.

Advances in radiotherapy create the need for more sophisticated QA technology and solutions. Medical physicists are looking for ways to implement comprehensive test protocols and to reduce QA testing time, so they can get online faster and with more confidence.

Modus responds to this need by providing a wide range of QA phantoms and software for daily testing, commissioning new equipment and new techniques, and supporting the dosimetric and nondosimetric testing of upgrades, repairs and software fixes. Modus is proud to have been first to market in a number of significant areas, including: nondosimetric QA, daily on-board imaging and cone beam optical CT scanning for 3D dosimetry. Modus also developed the first commercial programmable respiratory motion phantom and platform.

Modus has grown steadily based on a strong foundation of science, research, development and collaboration with medical physicists around the world. Today, Modus employees remain committed to assisting medical physicists in fulfilling their responsibilities more efficiently and accurately, which ultimately results in improved patient care.

Delivering Innovation
Driven by scientific roots and continued strong ties to the scientific community, Modus strives to remain at the forefront of the complex and ever-evolving advanced radiation therapy field. Both in-house expertise and collaborative relationships with clinical physicists and researchers allow Modus to fully support existing products and to speed the development of new concepts and ideas into market-ready devices.

Providing Confidence
From imaging, to simulation, planning and delivery, with complete system testing Modus can help medical physicists achieve confidence that tests are accurate and repeatable, ensuring that every patient is getting the best possible treatment.

Ensuring Quality
As a manufacturer, Modus ensures its products are built to the highest standards in accordance with stringent principles of process control and continuous improvement. This commitment to quality is further reflected in the company’s strong after-sales customer service and technical support.